User's Office

The User’s Office(UO) supports research activities of visiting researchers at ISAS Campus.

Open: 9:00-18:00, Mon.-Fri. (Closed on weekends and holidays)
Office Location: 1st Floor, Research and Administration Building
Contact: Tel 050-3362-5942
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ISAS Lodge Operation

For making your lodge reservation using on-line reservation system on the web site, Click

UO arranges the following items;

  • reservation
  • pass the room key at the UO counter at check-in
  • handling room charge payment and issue of receipt at check-out (accepting Japanese Yen only, no any credit card)

Support for the Inter-University Research System Researchers and Assistant Researchers

UO arranges the following items;

  • Send a confirmation letter to researcher via the portal site after adoption decision process.
  • Provide information regarding research activities at ISAS Campus to researchers via the portal site.
  • ID card issue and open network setting

    You anytime have to wear ID card when working at ISAS Campus. You are available to use JAXA open network system at the campus.
    Please make applications to get ID card and information for the open network system using online application system.

  • Handling application and settlement of travel expenses.

    Based on the requests from the laboratory, UO handles application and the settlement of your travel expenses. Your cooperation is welcomed if UO askes you to submit the related documentations of your travel.

For more information:

Temporary ID card issue and taking safety training lecture

You are obligated to take the safety training lecture before you work at ISAS Campus. Student is additionally necessary to keep insurance coverage. UO issues a temporary ID card for doing experiment. You can take the safety lecture using online system;

Please submit the Certificate of Completion of Safety Training/Agreement to UO after taking the lecture.

Supporting Foreign Researcher’s Daily Life

UO will support foreign researchers' daily life. Although there may be limitations on contents, please do not hesitate to contact UO first.

UO supports:

  • procedures at City Hall
  • opening a bank account
  • using Post Office
  • visiting a hospital to see a doctor
  • finding a rental apartment-room,etc.
  • contracting a mobile phone

Information on Hospital

For updated or detailed information on hospitals, please contact UO.

Information on City Hall

Staff who can speak English is available at the Sagamihara City Hall.

City Hall Sagamihara City Hall
Zip 252-5277 2-11-15, Chuo, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa
Tel: 042-754-1111 (Main telephone number)
Call Center Sagamihara City Call Center
Tel: 042-770-7777
From 8:00am to 9:00pm.
Open 365 days for inquiries about procedures, events and facilities.
Web site
Access 18 minutes on foot from JR Sagamihara Sta.