Exhibition Room

[Exhibition Room is closed until Feb. 2018 due to construction.]

A window of space science! Mockups of satellites, explores and rockets are waiting for you.

As part of its outreach and education programs, ISAS designs, implements and supports exhibitions.

The renovated Hall in the main building of the Sagamihara Campus includes a full-scale model of the Asteroid Explore "HAYAUSA", mockups of satellites and explores. The history of the Japanese space science is also exhibited.

Full-Sale Model of the Asteroid Explore "HAYABUSA"

The Model was created based on real and detailed design of "HAYABUSA". Model of its returned capsul which has the same weight as real one is also exhibited. Touch and feel how heavy it is.

Mockups of Scientific Satellites and Explores

Mockups of spacecrafts developed in ISAS are exhibited.

Common Area

Various video clips introducing ISAS's activities and missions are aviable.

Stamp Rally

Enjoy collecting mission stamps.

New Pavilion Plan

After spending a few years developing the idea for an exciting and innovative new pavilion for education and public outreach of space science, ISAS has started to construct a new pavilion at the Sagamihara Campus. The pavilion is scheduled to open to the public in winter, 2017.