Office of the Director General


Vice president, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Director General, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS)


BS Astronomy, 1978, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
MS Astronomy, 1980, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
PhD Astronomy, 1983, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan


1983-1986 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, ISAS
1986-1988 Assistant Professor, Tokyo Astronomical Observatory, U. Tokyo
1988-1992 Assistant Professor, Institute of Astronomy, University of Tokyo
1992-1995 Associate Professor, Institute of Astronomy, University of Tokyo
1995-2013 Professor, National Astronomical Observatory (NAOJ)
2005-2013 Director, Advanced Technology Centre, NAOJ
2013- Executive Director, JAXA (Vice President since 2014) Director General, ISAS


Inoue Medal for Sciences, 1995, Inoue Science Foundation
Director recognition award (to the Hinode team), 2007, NAOJ
Axford lecture, 2008, Asia Oceania Geophysical Union (AOGS)
The Hayashi Chushiro Prize, 2009, Astronomical Society of Japan
Honorary Fellow, 2010, University College London, UK
Honorary Fellow, 2011, Royal Astronomical Society, UK


1980-1981 Co-investigator, Hard X-ray Telescope (Hinotori satellite)
1985-1991 Deputy Principal Investigator (PI), Soft X-ray Telescope (Yohkoh)
1995-1998 PI, XUV Doppler Telescope (ISAS sounding rocket)
1998-2002 PI, Hard X-ray Spectrometer (ISAS balloon)
1998-2006 PI, Solar Optical Telescope (Hinode satellite) Co-project manager, SOLAR-B (Hinode) mission
2011-2012 Chair, ISAS steering committee for Space Science
2012 Japan PI, Chromospheric Lyman-Alpha SpectroPolarimeter (CLASP)
(NASA sounding rocket)