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About ISAS

To understand ISAS is to understand Japan's space science, because ISAS is the core of the country's space science research. ISAS also actively promotes public awareness of and interest in space science.

Director's Message

Message from the Director General of ISAS, Saku Tsuneta.

What is ISAS?

ISAS contributes to Japanese space development through research activities based on inter-university cooperation.

History of ISAS

ISAS began when the first Pencil rocket experiment was conducted by the University of Tokyo in 1955.

Sagamihara Campus and Other Facilities

ISAS implements projects at the main campus located in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and related facilities across the country.


ISAS comprises various research departments, centers and project teams.

Graduate Education

ISAS actively nurtures young researchers and engineers through its graduate school program.

Public Outreach

ISAS is dedicated to space science education for children and adults, as well as public outreach activities.

International Cooperation

ISAS introduces joint research projects implemented by Japan and international groups.

ISAS Award

About the awarding of “ISAS Award”.